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Official Tournament Rules 2022


Disc It is a flying disc sport where two teams divide evenly and pass the disc around with the objective of hitting the pole to earn points. Disc It tournaments will observe all official Disc It rules found here. In addition, Disc It tournaments will observe all tournament rules listed below.  

Section 1: Team Structure 

1.1    Four players are permitted on each team's tournament roster. 

1.2    Only three players are permitted on the playing field at any given time. 

1.3    Each team will be granted one substitute per game. 

1.4    A team may only substitute players after the opposing team scores a point, but before beginning the next play. 

1.5    The player that is subbed in must begin with the disc at the starting marker. 

1.6    Substitutes may not call penalty zone violations.  

         1.6.1    If a substitute calls a penalty zone violation, then the opposing team will receive a penalty shot and begin with the disc at the starting marker whether they score or miss the penalty shot. 

Section 2: Penalty Zone Violations 

2.1 When a penalty occurs, you may choose to ignore it, but if you choose to call a penalty then you must call it immediately.  

         2.1.1 Play will always continue until a penalty is called. 

         2.1.2 If a penalty is called, then play must stop immediately. 

2.2 If a player calls a penalty zone violation immediately before the player’s team scores a point(s), then the point will not count, and the player’s team will instead receive a penalty shot.  

2.3 If a player is physically pushed/shoved into the penalty zone by a player on the opposing team, then this player will not be faulted for a penalty zone violation.  

         2.3.1 The player that is illegally pushed/shoved into the penalty zone must immediately call a physical contact violation.  

         2.3.2 The team with the player that called this physical contact will then begin play at the location of the violation.  

         2.3.3 The team's passes will not reset which may give this team the potential to shoot immediately if there were two completed passes prior to the physical contact violation.  

2.4 When a point is scored all momentum must completely stop before stepping into the penalty zone. If a player scores, but the momentum takes them into the penalty zone following the point then it is a penalty IF the opposing team verbally calls the penalty zone violation.  

Section 3: Stall Count 

3.1 Players may verbalize a 5-stall count when the other team is holding the disc which will cause a turnover if all 5 stalls are counted. 

         3.1.1 "Stall 1" "stall 2" "stall 3" "stall 4" "stall 5" must be counted loud enough for the player holding the disc to hear. 

3.2 If the count reaches five seconds, then the turnover will take place where the disc is located.  

3.3 You may not stall count the starting marker when the opposing team is initiating a new play.  

3.4 You must be within three feet of the player holding the disc to make a stall count. 

3.5 Once the disc is passed the stall count will reset. 

3.6 The stall count can only be started verbally at “stall 1”.  

         3.6.1 If a player does not begin counting immediately while defending a player with the disc on the opposing team, then the player on defense will still need to begin the verbal stall count with "stall 1". 

Section 4: Additional Rules 

4.1 Players may not jump when possessing the disc and must always maintain one foot on the ground while possessing the disc.  

         4.1.1 Players may not hop when taking their one permitted step while holding the disc.  

         4.1.2 If a player violates this rule, then the opposing team will receive a turnover at the starting marker and two passes are required before shooting.  

4.2 There is no “camping” in the penalty zone. 

         4.2.1  Camping is defined as any intentional action that is taken from being on or inside the penalty zone that directly results in a turnover of any kind (dropped disc, interception, blocked pass, blocked shot). 

         4.2.2 The violation for camping is in a turnover at the starting marker where two passes will be required before shooting 

4.3 Each game will play to 11 points, win by 2. 

         4.3.1 Each game will be capped at 16 points and a lead of two points will not be required for the first team to reach the 16-point cap.  

Section 5: Rule Enforcement 

5.1 All games leading up to the semi-finals will be self-refed unless otherwise determined.  

         5.1.1 Teams may request a referee for any game if there are numerous disputes.  

5.2 Disc It referees will passively referee tournament games and will only actively call physical contact violations.

         5.2.1 Disc It referees will not call penalty zone violations, multiple step violations, or any other gameplay related violations.

         5.2.2 Disc It referees may settle disputes for gameplay related violations if requested to do so by tournament players. 

5.3 Players must verbally call physical contact violations if contacted illegally by a player on the opposing team if it affects the players ability to catch, pass, or shoot. 

         5.3.1 If the player that called the physical contact violation was on offense, then play will continue from the spot the foul occurred and the previous passes will not reset.  

         5.3.2 If the player that called the physical contact violation was on defense, then a turnover will occur at the location where the physical contact violation occurred, and two passes will be required before shooting.  

Section 6: Physical Contact Violations 

6.1 Official Disc It referees may give physical contact violations for any tournament game.  

6.2 Any physical contact warnings given by a Disc It referee applies to the entire team, not one player. 6.3 Only Disc It referees may give the warnings below:  

         6.3.1 1: Verbal warning. 

         6.3.2 2: The opposing team will receive a penalty shot and will then start with the disc at the starting marker whether the penalty shot is successful or not. 

         6.3.3 3: The player in violation will be required to sit out for 30 seconds leaving the players team with two players on the court.  

         6.3.4 4: The player in violation will be removed from the game and the players' team will be required to play with two players on the court for the remainder of this game.  

         6.3.5 5: This results in a forfeit of the game by the team receiving the warning. 

6.4 If a team received warning level 4 or 5, then the team will be able to begin the next game with 3 players again.  

6.5 If a team that receives a warning level of 4 or 5 in a previous game and receives a physical contact violation from a Disc It referee in a future game, then the new warning level will be chosen at the referee's discretion. 

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