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Everything you ever wanted to know about Disc It

So, we know you’ve been poking around on Disc It’s website, and you’ve probably learned quite a bit about Disc It. You may have even played it once or twice with your family because, as we’ve mentioned before, it is one of the most fun things to do at the beach, park, or even backyard with family and friends. You still have some questions about it, however. We believe that Disc It is a disc sport pole game worth playing and worth investing in. So why haven’t you bought your own set yet?! No pressure, and we don’t want you to just believe the hype without understanding. We want you to understand how Disc It began, where Disc It is now, and where Disc It is headed. Why? When you understand something, you love it more. Let us help you understand Disc It more, so you can love our favorite disc toss game as much as we do. And trust us, you will.   

How did Disc It begin?  

Three years ago, a family found some driftwood on the beach, and that simple occurrence would change the trajectory of the history of disc games. Little did they know that they were about to invent one of the most fun things to do at the beach with family (and friends!), and let’s be real, one of the best beach and yard games in general. The family took the piece of wood from the beach, and they stood it straight up in the sand. They then proceeded to create an enjoyable pole game by throwing the disc at the wood, and they made a few simple boundary lines for scoring using ropes and ground stakes. It seemed simple, but it was an effectively fun game. A year went by, and the family was still playing this disc toss game. They thought it was a great game, and so they invited their friends, Daniel Anduray and Tyler Bullock, to play with them. As soon as Daniel and Tyler had played the game, they knew this could be the next big disc game. They were inspired. Daniel and Tyler asked the family for their permission to write official rules for the game and to begin developing Disc It into the brand it is today. The family said yes, and here we are today.  

What inspired the founders? 

Daniel and Tyler, always the innovators in their everyday lives, were looking to invest in and create something that would bring value to people’s lives. When Daniel and Tyler saw Disc It for the first time, they knew that it could and would bring much joy to people. They also knew with the amount of running involved, that Disc It would provide physical fitness benefits by giving people a fun new way to exercise. Once they played the game with the original family, they were certain of all of this. They saw the value in the disc game because of the newness factor. It was such a blast, it would motivate people to stay healthy, and it brought all types of people together to play. They envisioned Disc It becoming a staple at family reunions and events. They hoped that one day, people would wake up on a vacation day and decide to set up one of the most fun disc sports to enjoy at the beach with family (and like we said before, one of the best beach games in general): Disc It. They hoped that one day, Disc It would become a globally recognized yard sport name. They saw highly competitive tournaments in Disc It’s future someday.  

How did Disc It grow?  

Disc It created micro-communities throughout different cities. These communities were born from weekly Disc It groups. In the summer of 2022, Disc It tournaments began. The first-ever tournament was hosted in Lynchburg, VA, and the second was in Frederick, MD. If you want to follow Disc It’s growth in live time, follow Disc It’s Instagram page here. Not only is Disc It growing on its own social media, but it was also recently promoted by Professional Disc Golf player, Emerson Keith. Even the professionals love Disc It!  

What is Disc It now? 

As you probably already know, Disc It is one of the most fast-paced, enjoyable, family-friendly games on the market. It brings people together in spontaneous games and also, if players would rather, in organized tournaments. Disc It is flexible and structured, fun and competitive. It truly is a game for all ages and levels of competition. Disc It even brings together athletes and non-athletes. It’s a disc game that involves a pole, a disc, and a penalty zone. Once you set the pole and penalty zone up, you are ready to play the disc game. Because of the flexible nature of the set-up of Disc-It, you just need to find one, medium-sized, flat surface to play on. It’s best if you avoid rocks, but that’s just to make sure you avoid accidents (We don’t think you’re clumsy, we promise!). Otherwise, you can play pretty much anywhere with an open space. You can play at a park, in your backyard, or on the beach. Disc It is a great game to play with friends or family. Because of the fun nature of the disc game, schools, churches, and summer camps can all host private tournaments of Disc It to entertain students for hours. It has already become an established community building game, but where can it go from here?  

What are Disc It’s future plans?  

While Disc It is only in its early stages, it has big plans for the future. Disc It aims to be a global yard sport with many associated Disc It events throughout the year, every year. Disc It’s vision involves bringing people together from all over the world to enjoy this amazing disc toss game. This vision of Disc It starts small, with neighborhood games. The next step is larger community tournaments. The plan from there is to hold national tournaments which require teams to qualify at other regional tournaments the year before. Disc It plans to host adult rec leagues around the country and to be the most played game at summer camps. Disc It also envisions being an international yard sport with anticipated events and, eventually, the first global championship. After that, the sky's the limit, because the whole world could use the joy that Disc It brings. Disc It aims to bring athletes and disc sport lovers alike together through its energizing disc toss game-play.  

Why you should get involved! 

Disc It, as funny as it sounds, was founded because of some floating driftwood in the ocean one day. This is not a very glamorous foundation, but it did the trick. Beginnings are usually simple, and Disc It’s beginnings are no different. Disc It’s plans for the future, however, are not simple at all. Disc It is a genuinely fun, fast-paced, easy-to-put-together, disc toss game. Daniel Anduray and Tyler Bullock saw Disc It’s potential before it was even Disc It! They knew that it would be a game that would bring people together and that the exciting, fast-paced play would not disappoint people. Through community and neighborhood games, Disc It is already becoming a community builder. Disc It plans to bring the whole world together as Disc It becomes a globally beloved yard sport in the future. Want to be a part of the Disc It community? Want to build community and be a part of something bigger than yourself? Buy a kit today, and get playing! 

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