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Disc It Knockout - How to Play

A basketball classic – Disc It edition!

Core Rules

  • All players line up at the starting marker. The first two players have a disc in hand.
  • The first player tosses their disc aiming for the yellow section of the pole.
  • If the player hits yellow, then they move to the back of the line and pass the disc to the next player. If they miss, subsequent shots for yellow must occur from where the disc lands.
  • But watch out, anytime the disc lands in the penalty zone, the player must pick it up and return to the starting marker to shoot, giving the opponent more time. This only applies if the player did NOT hit yellow. 
  • If the player behind you hits yellow first, you’re OUT!
  • Once two players remain, the first tosser must hit yellow twice from the starting marker before the second tosser hits it once.

Additional Rules

  • If you catch the other players rebound off yellow or black, then they must start back at the starting marker. 
  • You may deflect the other players shot while it is in the air. You may hit the disc while it is in the air, but you may not catch it to then throw it, or kick it while it is on the ground.

The last player standing wins!!

Disc It


Disc It is a high-energy, fun flying disc game with a twist; two teams must pass the disc around to earn points by

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