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How to Play Disc It

How to Assemble Disc It In Minutes

Disc It Gameplay


Disc It Objective

Evenly divide into two teams and pass the disc with your teammates with the goal of hitting the pole by throwing the disc into it to earn points. Hitting the black section of the pole will earn one point, and hitting the yellow section will earn two points. The first team to reach 11 points wins (must win by 2, of course).

Disc It Set Up

1. Unfold the Penalty Zone and place it in the center of the playing area.
2. Expand the Disc It Pole and place it in the center of the Penalty Zone.
3. Place the Starting Marker 20’ from the Disc It Pole.
4. There is no out of bounds.

Game Start

Flip the disc allowing the opponent to call heads (logo side) or tails in the air. The team that correctly calls the flip begins with the disc at the Starting Marker. Two passes are required before shooting for the Disc It Pole.


  • 1. The disc must hit the pole before hitting the ground to be considered a score. When a point is scored, the opposing team begins with the disc at the Starting Marker and must pass twice before shooting.
  • 2. On a turnover (disc is dropped or blocked) play resumes from where the disc lands. Two passes are required before shooting. However, if the disc is intercepted, then the player may score immediately. If the disc lands inside of or is touching the Penalty Zone line when it lands, then the turnover will begin at the Starting Marker.
  • 3. Players may not take more than one step when holding the disc, but players may pivot in place. Players may not slap or grab the disc out of an opponent’s hand, or make any other physical contact.
    Penalty: Turnover from where the penalty occurred.
  • 4. If two players simultaneously catch the disc, follow the game start rule to determine who will regain possession.
  • 5. If any player catches the disc as it bounces off the pole before it touches the ground, then no point(s) is awarded to the shooting team and play continues without stopping as if it were an interception.
    If the disc is caught off the bounce, but the player steps on or in the Penalty Zone it is considered a “no catch” and the other team will earn the point(s). 

Penalty Zone

  • It is a penalty if a player on offense or defense steps on or inside this boundary at any time. The opponent must call the Penalty Zone violation at the moment it occurs which will immediately stop gameplay. If the opposing team does not call the violation at the moment it occurs, then gameplay will continue as though the Penalty Zone violation did not occur.
    -Penalty: The opposing team receives an unguarded penalty shot from the Starting Marker. The penalty shot must hit the yellow section of the pole and will earn 1 point.
    -Play then resumes from the Starting Marker with the team that took the penalty shot whether they hit or missed the shot. 
  • If a players momentum carries them into the Penalty Zone immediately after scoring a point (even if the disc already hit the ground), then no point is awarded and the Penalty Zone violation applies. 
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Disc It


Unleash the fun with Disc It – a game like no other! Gather your squad of 4-10 players and dive into a whirlwind of passing, shooting, interceptions, rebounds, turnovers, and penalty shot thrills. It's a disc game extravaganza that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Lightning-fast setup means more playtime! Disc It is your go-to game for instant action. Play it on sand, grass, turf, or any flat surface – the choice is yours. Wherever you go, Disc It goes with you!

Easy Setup. Easy Cleanup. Easy Storage. We've got your back!

Pack it up, take it anywhere! All components collapse into a compact duffel. Durable, lightweight plastic ensures your game stays lively, no matter where the party takes you.

Get ready for a year-round adventure with Disc It – because life's too short for ordinary yard games! Get your game on, and let the Disc It magic begin!

What’s Included
  • Collapsible Disc It Pole
  • Easy Folding Penalty Zone
  • Starting Marker
  • Sport Disc
  • Bag for Storage
  • Rule Card
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    Disc It Classic Tee - Disc It
    Disc It Classic Tee - Disc It
    Disc It Classic Tee - Disc It

    Disc It Classic Tee


    Our classic tee with the Disc It logo on the front and extra fun on the back. Go Throw A Disc. 

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