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Our Story

Some say that the greatest ideas are discovered by simply having fun. Or maybe they don't, but that's how our story begins. I mean, who would have thought that a piece of driftwood washed ashore could turn into the next big yard sport?? In 2019, the Rettstatt family decided to stand said piece of driftwood in the sand and throw a flying disc at it during a family vacation at the beach. They added ropes for boundaries, and the concept of Disc It was born.

Daniel and Tyler came into the picture in 2020 when they were invited to a friendly round of this new homemade game called "Disc It." Numerous games later, they knew that Disc It could grow to be a national and one-day global yard sport. So, with the Rettstatt's permission, Daniel and Tyler wrote the first official game rules and designed Disc It in 2021. It is the most competitive yet family-friendly Frisbee yard sport on the market. You can now enjoy Disc It at the beach, in your yard, at the local park, or really anywhere that you can find a flat area to play!!

But seriously, our Disc It pole game was developed with the help of some family friends and a fun day at the beach, and quickly became our favorite outdoor game. Disc It can be played with up to 8 people and games can range from family fun to highly competitive tournaments. Disc It is a flying disc game that anyone can enjoy, whether you want to be competitive or have some laid-back fun tossing the disc around! From backyard family fun to disc sports lovers to corporate team building games, Disc It does it all! 


Daniel Anduray


Tyler Bullock