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Disc It
Disc It
Family playing Disc It Perfect Best Beach Disc Game High energy park flying disc games
Collapsible Disc It Pole Disc It Game Disk It Game
Disc It Disc and bag for easy storage and transportation of the disc game
Disc It Pole Disc It Game Pole Disk It Game Pole Setup
Disc It Disk It Disc It Game Pole Disassembled All Pieces
Disc It Game Disk It Pole Game Penalty Circle Layout
Disc It Game Disk It Pole Game Penalty Circle Collapsed

Disc It

Disc It is a high-energy, fun flying disc game with a twist; two teams must pass the disc around to earn points by hitting a pole while also avoiding the penalty zone! Hitting black earns one point & yellow earns two. Game to 11 (win by 2)!

The Disc It pole is made of durable yet lightweight plastic and is easily collapsible and portable. The standard Disc It set includes everything you need to join in on the fun. Disc It takes moments to setup and can be played with 6 or more players. Play in the sand, grass, turf, or on any flat surface. 

Trust us, this isn't your average disc toss game; with penalty shots and multiple scoring opportunities this will keep you and your friends entertained for hours, whether it's at the beach or in your family's backyard! 

All components collapse into one easy to carry duffel with the dimensions: 41”x11”x7”  

Easy Setup. Easy Cleanup. Easy Storage. 

All components made of durable plastic. Total Weight: 18 lbs 

What’s Included
  • Collapsible Disc It Pole
  • Collapsible Penalty Zone
  • Starting Boundary Marker
  • Sport Disc
  • Storage/Carry Duffel (Fits All Components)
  • Rule Card
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