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The Best New Yard Game for Your Family Events

If you’re looking for the perfect game to bring to next year’s family reunion, family birthday party, or family Christmas dinner, you’re in luck. We’ve got the perfect disc game for you.  As you know, some games aren’t a good fit for the whole family at a large family gathering. Some games are a little too competitive or some are too slow-paced. Many games do not have the flexibility to adjust the gameplay to accommodate the players who are there. Disc It, the newest disc toss game on the market, is both flexible and enjoyable—which are only a few of the many reasons why Disc It is the game you should bring with you to your next family gathering. It’s the best beach game, and it’s the best family-friendly game, in our unbiased opinion. It’s one of the most fun things to do at the beach with family. It’s also one of the best games for youth, but we think it’s also one of the best games for the older members of your family. Why do we think this?  Disc It contains rules that are accommodating in nature, keeps players as well as watchers entertained, and brings your family together through its natural team-building results. 

Reason 1 -– Accommodating Rules

As you’ve probably read, the rules to Disc It are fairly straightforward. You pass the disc two times, and you score differently by hitting the black or yellow section of the Disc It pole. You must also stand outside the penalty zone as you are passing and scoring for this disc toss game. Now, it's important to mention that even though these rules don’t change, the level of intensity of the gameplay itself can change. For instance, the amount of running that happens between team members to pass can be a medium amount of running if your Uncle John is playing. If younger and more competitive family members would like to play the disc toss game in a more physically exerting way, then they can choose to run at a fast pace for scoring purposes. The rules remain accessible for one of the best games for youth, but they also, as mentioned, accommodate many different ages and playing abilities. The game’s rules state that you need two passes before attempting to score. There’s nothing in the rules, however, that states how far or how close you need to be to score (besides the penalty zone). Therefore, if you have a beginner playing this disc game, you can pass as you stand close together instead of farther apart. Occasionally, some more experienced players may want to attempt to throw the disc from a far distance. Disc It allows for both of these scenarios to happen and allows this disc game to be fun for all. Since the Disc It rules include an easy set-up, and all you need is a flat surface, you can play Disc It pretty much anywhere. That means this accommodating rule of set-up means you can easily play the best beach game with your family, or you can play the best game at the park with your family (Hint: Both are Disc It). 

Reason 2 — It’s exciting for players AND watchers 

Disc It is a fast-paced game. Players enjoy this fast-paced disc game and can spend hours playing it. People also enjoy watching a good game of Disc It as much as they enjoy playing one. It is so much fun to set up a picnic blanket and watch a competitive (or friendly!) game of Disc It during a family gathering. This is a perk because most family activities (whether it be a reunion, Christmas, a birthday, a wedding, or something altogether different) need to accommodate many people. You can have 6-8 people playing the game at a time, then rotate to another 6-8, and all the while, as many people as you can fit around the playing kit can watch the disc game. It’s a more hands-on activity than just everyone sitting around watching a movie. Since Disc It’s playing field is so flexible regarding set-up, families can congregate pretty much anywhere to watch or play: a backyard, the beach, or the park. Disc It is one of the most fun things to do at the beach with family, or anywhere else, with anyone else. It’s also the best beach game, in our opinion. So, don’t forget to play Disc It the next time your family has a beach vacation or just a day off to spend together. All of your family is welcome to play and watch Disc It. 

Reason 3 — Team building brings families together 

Families are sometimes difficult to navigate. You grow up. You grow closer or you grow apart. The hope is always, of course, that you’ll stay close as a family. One of the perks of bringing Disc It to your next family event is that the inherent team-building will bring your family closer together. Disc It is one of the best team-building games out there. Disc It is, as we have mentioned, one of the many games for youth, but it’s also a game for the older members of the family. To win Disc It, you must work closely with your team. You must be collaborative, receptive, creative, and honest. All of these skills translate into real-life relationships. You build a team on the course, and you act like a team off the course. Next time you need a distraction from some family drama, or you just want your family to grow a little closer, why don’t you start a family-friendly game of Disc It to remember what’s important? It’s worth it, and then you’ll get to brag that you’ve played one of the best team-building games out there. 

Why Disc It is the Game You Need

As we mentioned before, it’s hard to find the perfect family game for your family event. You want something that pleases the youngest in the crowd up to some of the older members of your family. You also want a game that can entertain a large number of people, depending on your family's event size. There aren’t always many options for something like this. That’s why Disc It is the perfect option. Disc It has rules that are structured and yet adaptable. Disc It play can be adjusted to fit the different levels and ages that a family consists of. Disc It can also accommodate large groups of people since it is enjoyable to both play Disc It and watch Disc It. Finally, Disc It brings people together by being one of the best team-building games. Families could always use more activities that bring them together. Along with all of its other wonderful qualities, Disc It is also one of the most fun things to do at the beach with family, as we’ve mentioned. Disc It is the right choice for your family get-together, whether it be a beach vacation or a country field day. 

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