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Disc It - Not like the others

If you haven’t played Disc It yet, you should know that it’s the hottest new disc toss game on the market. Disc It is one of those outdoor games that’s enjoyable for all ages, so it's also one of the best family yard games to get for Christmas (I know you’ve seen those trees at Costco already!).   

And if you are among the lucky ones who have already played Disc It, you know that it's a simple, yet enjoyable way to spend an afternoon on the beach or backyard and build community with friends and family. As a bonus, it's an awesome team-building game too. It's always good to learn the art of team-building. 

Now, the goal of Disc It is straightforward: to score points, you hit the heavy-duty, yet lightweight center pole with the disc. (For a more detailed explanation of the rules, go here). The various effects of playing Disc It are not as straightforward as the goal of Disc It, but the effects are much needed in today's world;  Disc It is a team-building game that brings people together of all ages, all backgrounds, and all stages of life. Now, you may be asking yourself: how is Disc It and its effects different from any of the other beach games or outdoor games that are on the shelves today?  There are numerous ways that Disc It is different and, in fact, if we may be so bold, better than other outdoor games, beach games, and other family yard games.  But you don't have to take our word for it – Keep reading to understand exactly how Disc It is better than other outdoor disc games and how Disc It and its players seek to bring a sense of community to all those who play it. Now, let's look at some other disc toss games to see how they compare to Disc It: 

Kanjam vs. Disc It  

Kanjam is a disc game that has a few similarities to Disc It. Both Disc It and Kanjam are disc toss games with two different teams trying to score on each other. That's about as many similarities as there are between Kanjam and Disc It. Kanjam can be fun for a short time. Not many new moves ever really happen or are needed in Kanjam, however, and it can get repetitive rather quickly as the players continuously stand in the same place and throw the disc at the same can opening over and over again. With Disc It, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an interactive game that involves passing, running, and scoring. You’ll be moving so much, you might just get a little dizzy! (Make sure you’re drinking water while you play Disc It!).  Making sure the opposing team doesn't score will keep you on your toes, most definitely. You always have to be observing and watching the other team while you play our favorite disc toss game (hint: it's still Disc It). You must always be as attentive as possible to make sure you keep the other team from scoring.  

There is not a lot of repetition in the playing of Disc It as compared to the playing of Kanjam. With the many surprises as you play Disc It, you have to pay attention the whole time to give yourself and your team the best opportunities to score. Disc It is never boring, and each game is unrepeatable. You will feel invigorated each time you play. You won't get bored playing outdoor games or beach games if your game is extremely different every time, even within the restrictions of the rules.  This is what Disc It is like, and that's why people are choosing Disc It over Kanjam and other similar games. Disc It keeps everyone interested each time you play. If you're not paying attention during Disc It, the opposing team might just score on you, and that's no fun. With Kanjam, it's easier to zone out a little bit while you play, and could even still score while zoning out. Zoning out doesn't make for the best quality time with your friends and family. Disc It makes it exciting for the whole family as they play such a great team-building game, and everyone has to be paying attention–so the quality time and attentiveness are right there. 

Disc Golf vs. Disc It  

Disc Golf is a globally recognized disc sport, and it has earned its place as an official disc toss game that became a sport. However, when compared to Disc It, the two are very different, and occasionally Disc It has some perks that might make you decide to play it instead of Disc Golf one of these Saturdays.  Just as Kanjam has a slow feeling pace during play because of its repetitive nature, so too does Disc Golf occasionally feel repetitive because of its slow pace. Disc It, alternatively, is always high energy, and there is no time for players to slow down or for play to become repetitive. Disc It is fast-paced, which many people enjoy more than slow-paced games. 

Disc Golf also requires specific Disc Golf courses that people must use if they want to play. Disc It does not require specialized courses similar to Disc Golf courses. With the flexibility of its design and rules, players can set up Disc It on pretty much any small, flat terrain. The same is not true for Disc Golf. The flexibility of space that can be used allows Disc It to be both one of the best family yard games and one of the best beach games out there. You can set it up and play wherever it works best for you and your teams. No need to drive long distances to go to a specific, designated Disc Golf course or wait for Disc Golf course availability to appear to play. Just unpack the Disc It set and go!  

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Disc It  

We would be remiss not to mention Ultimate Frisbee in this conversation about disc toss games and/or family yard games. Ultimate Frisbee reflects what comes to mind for many people when they think of disc toss games and disc sports.  Many people have noticed overlapping ideas and structures in the play structure of Ultimate Frisbee compared to the play structure of Disc It. After some observation, however, you will see that Disc It is the superior choice of outdoor games for many people for multiple reasons.  

Ultimate Frisbee requires a large field of space for play, just as Disc Golf does. (Although Ultimate Frisbee does not require a specific course as Disc Golf does). This large amount of needed space limits where people can play Ultimate Frisbee, and it often requires much planning and scheduling on the part of the Ultimate Frisbee players and teams before play can happen. This makes it difficult to play Ultimate Frisbee on a whim or a casual Saturday afternoon with your friends and/or your family. Some people don't mind that Ultimate Frisbee requires a little more organization, but some people want to be able to play a team-building game as soon as it comes to mind.  

Disc It is pretty much always available, and it does not need much planning or scheduling to put a game together. It's fun and fast, and in today's market, many of us want things to move forward as fast as possible. Don't wait around to have a good time today or next Saturday—find a few feet of flat, clear space and start playing Disc It right away with your friends and family.  

Another common setback with Ultimate Frisbee as a casual disc toss game, however, is that it requires many players. This again limits the flexibility of when people can play Ultimate Frisbee because a team has to wait to play until they've collected enough team members to fill all the necessary spots. The minimum number of players required to play an official game of Ultimate Frisbee is 14 players. Comparatively, you can play a game of Disc It with as few as 6 people! Grab a handful of friends, and you're ready to go.  

There's also no long waiting time or planning time with Disc It. Disc It is a convenient and accessible game, and Disc It's players truly appreciate its flexibility. And speaking of accessibility, Ultimate Frisbee can sometimes be intimidating to non-athletes. An Ultimate Frisbee player's attitude sometimes comes across as if only the pros should be able to play Ultimate Frisbee. (Only a select few Ultimate Frisbee players act like this, of course. Most Ultimate Frisbee players are great and enjoy Disc It too!). This attitude revolving around Ultimate Frisbee play is not the case with the attitude of Disc It players. Disc It players welcome all levels of athleticism to play the game.  

You’ll catch on to Disc It quickly. There’s no intimidation factor with Disc It inherently or from Disc It’s players. Disc It allows you to have a highly competitive game or an easy, family-friendly game. You can even play one competitive game in one afternoon and then switch to the family-friendly type of game in the next round in the same afternoon. It's really up to you and your fellow Disc It players! Remember, you are always welcome to play Disc It, no matter your skill level. 

We Want the Best for Our Players 

Now, we aren’t saying you can’t play these other disc games and disc sports or that you shouldn’t play these other disc games and disc sports. You can play any of the above outside games and have a good, fun afternoon with your friends and family. We just want you to have the best experience that you can when you play outside games. We know that Disc It offers one of the best experiences out of all of these disc games because of its accessibility, flexibility, fast pace, and fun rules, and we want what's best for you, the players. If you play these other disc games and disc sports that aren't Disc It, you might be frustrated that it takes a long time to collect enough interested players, reserve enough space, or find a specific course.  

If you play Kanjam or Disc Golf, you might find yourself wanting something a little more fast-paced. You might also have trouble recruiting people to play Kanjam or Disc Golf because people are already too busy having fun and playing Disc It. We want to help you avoid these frustrating situations when you're just trying to have a relaxing afternoon filled with a fast-paced, enjoyable game. Disc It is the solution to all of these issues and desires. Not only is it the solution, but Disc It is also just a blast to play. Choose a fun, flexible, enjoyable, fast-paced game. Choose Disc It, and you won't be disappointed. Like I said earlier, Christmas is just around the corner, and I hope you know now what you should put on your Christmas list.  

Our Vision  

Disc It is what we would consider one of the most versatile and welcoming disc games and disc sports. We hope after reading this blog that you understand why we think this, and we hope you agree with us.  Disc It also aims to build community all around the world and esteems community as one of its top company values. Large-scale community building is one of Disc Its main goals to achieve as it becomes a popular disc game around the world. Disc It tournaments have been popping up around different communities recently, and Disc It will continue to host tournaments in new cities as more people recognize the greatness that is Disc It. Disc It plans to grow those community tournaments even more as time goes on. Community is so hard to find in today's world, and Disc It values true community both with old friends and with new friends. And where better to make new friends? At a Disc It tournament or casual Disc It community game, of course. Disc It aims to become a global yard sport, and the way this happens is by people starting Disc It groups in their local neighborhoods.  Join the Disc It movement, and build a community right where you are through fast-paced play. Choose community. Choose fun. Choose Disc It. 

Disc It


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